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I Won!

You’ll never guess. I entered one of those ‘giveaways’ on one of my fav blogs…. and I won. A pretty purple brooch/pin. Thank you Laura!
Just click on the picture to visit her shop and get your very own eco flower.

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Done and Dusted… well at least one anyway!

I finished my first order for celebration bunting, should be shipped out today. Yay! I feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot this week. I still have a lot of designing to do, and guess what!? Some of the fabric I ordered has come! When I ship to my customer tomorrow I’ll pick it up then. Thanks Sharla! Sharla has a oh so wonderful etsy shop with all sorts of goodies in it.
Here’s a link to Sharla’s sooooper etsy shop.

Here’s some pictures of bright and beautiful bunting!

Piles of pretty bunting!

Piles of pretty bunting!

Bunting bag with pink double ribbon ties

Bunting bag with pink double ribbon ties

Pennants stitch, tapes pinned and ready to sew!

Pennants stitched, tapes pinned and ready to sew!

Bagged and ready to ship!

Bagged and ready to ship!


To Do List

Figured I’d better make a list of everything I hope to complete this week.

leaf-stencil-red11. Finish and mail off bunting for customer.

leaf-stencil-red12. Start to design a cartoonish animal puppet with an old and seriously pilled dark green fleece blanket I have lying around.

leaf-stencil-red13. Now that September is here, I really need to get organized for the christmas season. I need to put together my new ideas for garlands, dolls and gingerbread men, and such like.

leaf-stencil-red14. Play patio tennis with my son, Jacob, and actually win!

leaf-stencil-red15. Start making time to relax and read some vintage children’s books that I used to LOVE as a child.

leaf-stencil-red16. And, design the measurements for some patio seating so I can be outside more.

leaf-stencil-red17. Last but not least, smile and laugh more, be thankful for everything I have.

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Unfortunately, Rose…

leaf-stencil-purpleI was visiting a favorite blog called Allsorts,  and I came across a game. Apparently you have to google this: Unfortunately, (your name), and the results can be quite entertaining. Here’s what I found when I googled: Unfortunately, Rose:

Unfortunately, Rose is not very nice to Pinkerton–she takes over his sunny spot and eats his dinner.
Unfortunately, Rose got tired after a couple of “rounds” around the Maypole, and I ended up carrying her piggyback the rest of the time.
Unfortunately Rose ignores the Dr.’s instructions and intervenes and sets off a calamitous chain of events because of the breach in the time continuum.
Unfortunately, Rose became ill and was forced to retire. All of a sudden, bankruptcy became a viable option.
Unfortunately. Rose leads Simon home and seduces him.
Unfortunately, Rose’s voice did not draw me in to the point where I was utterly hooked.
Unfortunately, Rose did have feelings for him and the hit from the arrow turned it to hate.
Unfortunately, Rose was DSQ in a debateable decision for missing a gate and unable to progress to the slalom.
Unfortunately, Rose decided to save Pete from being killed by a hit-and-run driver.
Unfortunately, Rose was out of town, so we couldn’t celebrate properly.
Unfortunately, Rose seems to be a lemon? She’s been in the shop more than she’s been in my workroom.

Hilarious! You should try it yourself!

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