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Unfortunately, Rose…

leaf-stencil-purpleI was visiting a favorite blog called Allsorts,  and I came across a game. Apparently you have to google this: Unfortunately, (your name), and the results can be quite entertaining. Here’s what I found when I googled: Unfortunately, Rose:

Unfortunately, Rose is not very nice to Pinkerton–she takes over his sunny spot and eats his dinner.
Unfortunately, Rose got tired after a couple of “rounds” around the Maypole, and I ended up carrying her piggyback the rest of the time.
Unfortunately Rose ignores the Dr.’s instructions and intervenes and sets off a calamitous chain of events because of the breach in the time continuum.
Unfortunately, Rose became ill and was forced to retire. All of a sudden, bankruptcy became a viable option.
Unfortunately. Rose leads Simon home and seduces him.
Unfortunately, Rose’s voice did not draw me in to the point where I was utterly hooked.
Unfortunately, Rose did have feelings for him and the hit from the arrow turned it to hate.
Unfortunately, Rose was DSQ in a debateable decision for missing a gate and unable to progress to the slalom.
Unfortunately, Rose decided to save Pete from being killed by a hit-and-run driver.
Unfortunately, Rose was out of town, so we couldn’t celebrate properly.
Unfortunately, Rose seems to be a lemon? She’s been in the shop more than she’s been in my workroom.

Hilarious! You should try it yourself!

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