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Etsy Shop Opened this weekend, yay!

Well, I finally did it, I uploaded the pictures and specs and prices for all my craft item onto my Etsy shop, please go visit when you can. Here’s the address: … now apparently, I have to start thinking about christmas stocks! 🙂

Molly playing her steel pan

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Blanket Stitch a Star Fish

Mmm, it seems I thought I could still embroidery…. easily. WRONG! I thought I was ok at it but it seems time takes away a lot of what you think you can do. I had forgotten a lot of the stitches I had learn a few years ago while Starfishmaking a ‘you have to use every stitch invented’ alphabet flower sampler. So I re-educated myself on… the supposedly simple blanket stitch. I put the tutorial links in my side bar for those who are interested in learning (or relearning) some stitches.

Anyway this is what I made, a starfish pincushion that I’ll probably dangle on a bag, it’s hand stitched, and I used only the blanket stitch to make it.

I bought a tiny wooden embroidery hoop today, so I’m all set to embroider my linen hankerchief soon.



Hand stitched using a blanket stitch

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